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  •  NASA Nebula
    Nebula is a Cloud Computing pilot under development at NASA Ames Research Center. It integrates a set of open-source components into a seamless, self-service platform, providing high-capacity computing, storage and network connectivity using a virtualized, scalable approach to achieve cost and energy efficiencies.
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  • 10/GUI
    Over a quarter-century ago, Xerox introduced the modern graphical user interface paradigm we today take for granted. That it has endured is a testament to the genius of its design. But the industry is now at a crossroads: New technologies promise higher-bandwidth interaction, but have yet to find a truly viable implementation. 10/GUI aims to bridge this gap by rethinking the desktop to leverage technology in an intuitive and powerful way.
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  • A Low Impact Woodland Home
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  • AeroVironment, Inc.
    Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Clean Energy Technology, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Electric Vehicle Test Systems
    with aircraft systems technology uav unmanned vehicle
  • Aldebaran Robotics, the creators of Nao
    Aldebaran Robotics, the first French company dealing with humanoid robotics.
    with human opensource robotics
    Artificial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots The ALEAR project aims at fundamental breakthroughs in the origins and evolution of language through carefully controlled experiments in which autonomous humanoid robots self-organize rich conceptual frameworks and communication systems with similar features as those found in human languages.
    with european evolution language robotics
  • Aquamarine Power
    Aquamarine Power is a wave energy company, with head offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and further operations in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company is currently developing its flagship technology, an innovative hydro-electric wave energy converter, known as Oyster®. Aquamarine Power's goal is to develop commercial Oyster® wave farms around the world.
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  • Arduino - HomePage
    Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
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  • Aurora Flight Sciences
    Aurora Flight Sciences manufactures state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems and components for the scientific research, defense and homeland security markets. Aurora's unmanned aircraft are distinguished by their daring designs and record-breaking performances.
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  • - Home
    RepRap is an open source project originally conceived by Dr Adrian Bowyer of Bath University to build a machine that can replicate itself. The Project now has a very active on-line community aiming to produce the world's most versatile self-replicating 3D printer.
    with 3d opensource printing
  • Bloom Energy
    Bloom Energy is changing the way the world generates and consumes energy. Our unique on-site power generation systems utilize an innovative new fuel cell technology with roots in NASA's Mars program.
    with cell energy fuel power
  • Boston Dynamics
    Dedicated to the Science and Art of How Things Move.
    with military robotics
  • Calnetix Power Solutions
    Waste Heat power generation
    with heat power waste
  • Central Vermont Public Service
    The Vermont Public Service Board has approved CVPS Cow Power™, which is intended to help promote development and reliance on renewable energy in Vermont by creating a market for energy generated by burning methane from cow manure.
    with energy technology
  • Contour Crafting
    Contour Crafting (CC) is a layered fabrication technology developed by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California. Contour Crafting technology has great potential for automating the construction of whole structures as well as sub-components.
    Contour Crafting is an automated construction system which builds up structures in a layer-by-layer fashion.
    alborz automated construction contour crafting fabrication housing income isi khoshnevis low monjazeb usc
    with automation construction
  • Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team
    Robotic Submarine Running Debian Wins International Competition
    with linux robotics submarine university unmanned
  • CrowdFlower
    Labor-on-demand offers a cost-conscious, elastic workforce which gives companies immediate, high-quality work. CrowdFlower customers complete massive volumes of simple jobs and eliminate the lead time and overhead associated with hiring or outsourcing. It's like cloud computing but with people. In the same way you can divide tasks among a bunch of computers to get more processing power, you can get scalable, parallel work with our online workforce.
    with crowdsourcing by 4 users
  • CSC
    CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd is administered by the Ministry of Education. CSC is a non-profit company providing IT support and resources for academia, research institutes and companies: modeling, computing and information services. CSC provides Finland's widest selection of scientific software and databases and Finland's most powerful supercomputing environment that researchers can use via the Funet network.
    with computer research science supercomputing
    The CyberManS project addresses the IST-NMP1 joint call, which has the aim of developing "Integrating Technologies for Fast and Flexible Manufacturing enterprise". The project will perform pre-competitive research to develop both advanced ergonomic tools, and IWADs, to improve the flexibility and cost effectiveness of flexible production stations.
    with europe robotics
  • D-Dalus
    IAT21 (the Austrian Innovative Aeronautical Technology research company) has been working on the designs for a totally new form of airborne auto-motion, as revolutionary as were the jet engine and the hovercraft
    with aeronautics engine

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