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  • Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
    The Encyclopedia attempts to cover all aspects of New Testament Textual Criticism.
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  • Samaritan Pentateuch
    The Samaritan Pentateuch contains the text of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, written in the consonantal Samaritan script, a development from the Paleo-Hebrew script. Add.1846 is believed to be the earliest extant manuscript of the Samaritan Pentateuch and dates from the early 12th century CE. Epigraphs and scholia in Samaritan Hebrew/Aramaic and Arabic follow the end of each biblical book. They are in various hands. The copying of the book itself is the product of five different hands.
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  • The Schøyen Collection - The Bible
    43 examples from the over 400 items in the Bible collection are included here. This collection is by far the largest and most important in private ownership, and has many MSS that would be the pride of most of the world’s largest public collections. 9 MSS are the earliest witnesses to their part of the text of the Bible. 90 MSS have the earliest texts of their part of the Hebrew Bible, and a further 86 are only preceded by the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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  • Biblical Manuscripts Project
    The Biblical Manuscripts Project is making high quality images and transcriptions of important Bible manuscripts and early printed editions freely available through the Internet. Development is conducted by biblical scholars at the Religion and Technology Center.
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  • Illuminated Manuscripts - Bible
    Single leaves of illuminated manuscripts for sale.
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  • Papyrology Home Page
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