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  • Mark Ryden
    Mark Ryden (b. 1963, Oregon) is an American fine-art painter.
    Mark Ryden creates his art in his Eagle Rock, California studio. Within his enchanted paintings you will find an eclectic fusion of bees, meat, tikis, religious emblems, alchamy symbols, old toys, and Abraham Lincoln. His paintings are in collections of Stephen King, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ringo Starr, and Danny Elfman.
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  • OpenVein
    John C. Worsley was born in 1978 in Sacramento, California, but has spent the last twenty years in idyllic Portland, Oregon. His passion from an early age lay in self-taught creative endeavors such as drawing, writing, and composing typically moody, adolescent music on the family piano. In addition to compulsively and self-consciously writing about himself in the third-person, his credits include having attended a mostly futile year of college at the University of Oregon, having released electronic music under the monikers lxl, xszi, and 12:24, co-founding a successful technology company, writing a 600-page book on SQL, developing Yet Another Superfluous Three-Letter Web Language, contributing 3D graphics and programming to Gus Van Sant's Elephant.
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