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  • Creating Lexical Resources in TEI P5
    Creating Lexical Resources in TEI P5 A Schema for Multi-purpose Digital Dictionaries Gerhard Budin, Stefan Majewski, and Karlheinz Mörth The paper describes the constraints imposed on the content models of the various elements of the TEI dictionary module and provides arguments in favour of TEI P5 as an encoding system not only being used to represent digitised print dictionaries but also for NLP purposes.
    with computational lexicography
  • Exchange of Lexical
    GLDV-Workshop Köthen 17. Juni 2005: Exchange of Lexical and Terminological Resources in Machine Translation (MT), Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and Terminology Management Systems (TMS)
    with exchange lexicography lexicons
  • fat SGML --> lean XML
    Gary F. Simons -- "Using architectural processing to derive small, problem-specific XML applications from large, widely-used SGML applications"
    with dictionaries sgml xml
  • Healthcare XML standards
    Nothing to do with lexicons, but Seven Pillars of Standards: why standards can fail (or even succeed).
    with computational lexicons linguistics by 2 users
  • ISO Data Categories
    2004 overview writeup
    with lexicon standards
  • ISO draft
    Links to ISO drafts for Lexical Markup Framework (LMF).
    with lexicography lexicons standards
  • LIFT
    Martin Hosken's Lexicon Interchange Format.
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  • LIFT home page
    home for the development of an XML schema for the storing of lexical information, as used in the creation of dictionaries. It also includes a .net library for working with LIFT (parsing, validating, & migrating).
    with computational lexicography linguistics
  • LIFT typesetting
    Lexical Interchange FormaT (LIFT XML) is a standard for dictionary content. The WeSay, or FieldWorks Language Explorer can produce this output. Toolbox output can be changed to this format using SOLID. This project will take standardized XML data in LIFT and OXES format, convert it to XHTML with CSS that the user can customize and change that output into Open Office Writer (ODT) or other typesetting, word processor, or electronic output.
    with lexicography lexicon
  • LMF
    LMF is the ISO standard for Natural Language Processing (NLP) lexicons and Machine Readable Dictionaries (MRD).
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  • OLIF standard
    OLIF, the Open Lexicon Interchange Format, is an open standard for lexical/terminological data encoding.
    with dictionaries lexicography lexicons standards
  • XDXF
    "XDXF is a project to unite all existing open dictionaries and provide both users and developers with universal XML-based format, convertible to and from other popular dictionary formats." May not be being updated. Forum is at
    with computational lexicons linguistics

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