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  • Dinosaur Plague
    NOVA science NOW segment about a couple who study amber and found insects in amber with blood (like Jurassic Park). Blood carried preserved pathogens like malaria, leschmaiasis. They theorize that by time of asteroid impact 65 mya dinosaurs may have been on their last legs...or gone.
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  • NOVA | Making Stuff: Cleaner
    Can innovations in materials science help clean up our world? In "Making Stuff: Cleaner," David Pogue explores the rapidly developing science and business of clean energy and examines alternative ways to generate it, store it, and distribute it. Is hydrogen the way to go? What about lithium batteries? Does this solve an energy problem or create a new dependency? Pogue investigates the latest developments in bio-based fuels and in harnessing solar energy for our cars, homes, and industry in a program full of the stuff of a sustainable future.
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